Blood is what a wolf smells best.

With recent events that are occurring in the world today. I can honestly say that this is the beginning of the New World Order. From the yellow vest riots in Paris; the Brexit vote in the UK; the migrant caravans advancing toward the US and the Ebola crisis in Africa. We are poised for a slow manipulated take over .

If you ever had enough time to play with dominos and to take the time to line them all up. Stack them as high as you can. Balancing them on top of each other with a steady hand. Stepping back, once you have created the ultimate set up. You might leave it alone for a couple of moments. You might call someone to come and see what you have created. You do all this knowing that you must and willingly make it all come down. In order to build something better and more grandiose.

We are those dominos and our makers (the elites) are ready and waiting for the first domino to fall.

I believed that first domino to fall was 911. The invasion of Afghanistan then Iraq. Then the economic crisis of 2008. The SYRIAN crisis and ISIS. The election of Donald Trump and now major pieces are being put into play. The yellow vest roits in Paris. The Brexit campaign in the UK. The Ebola crisis in Africa. The migrant caravans advancing towards the US. The denial of climate change, Which is leading the world towards 3C of warming this century rather than 1.5C. And that my friends might be the ultimate piece.

I can’t forsee the future but I do know more events are coming. I have gotten addicted to the sight of CNN’S BREAKING NEWS, titles scrolling across my 4k ultra. I try to predict what insane things am I about to hear. I brace for the worst and hope the body count is low and no children were involved.

Blood is what a wolf smells best and the earth is bleeding. You can hear the howl of the alpha, calling for the omegas. The attack is here and now.

Just Do It

I did it and it feels good. No really it feels so good.This right here right now. If you could see my face right now and could have heard the snicker. I mean it was and it is so easy to do. Just to think I waited this long to feel like this and to be in a position in my life to want this feeling. You know what, I deserve this moment because I was told it can only happen once. At least that’s what I was  raised to believe. You don’t desert or neglect a true once in a life time thing like this. I wanted it I asked for it and it was granted to me.

Honestly some people would say I am a statistic and that the numbers just don’t add up for me to be doing this. Just because of my age ( I made it) and my race (which is wrong). I also was told I shouldn’t do it unless I had 20k in the bank. I guess we can check that off the qualification box. Seriously that is what I did. I made a list of things I wanted and once I achieved them. I checked them off the list. I just checked off the last box today.

I just hope I am as worthy as the other person believes that I am. Keeping my fingers crossed.

*(I wrote this to myself in my hotel room in Las Vegas the day I got married. Just found it in my tuxedo pocket. 02/29/16)*