Just Do It

I did it and it feels good. No really it feels so good.This right here right now. If you could see my face right now and could have heard the snicker. I mean it was and it is so easy to do. Just to think I waited this long to feel like this and to be in a position in my life to want this feeling. You know what, I deserve this moment because I was told it can only happen once. At least that’s what I was  raised to believe. You don’t desert or neglect a true once in a life time thing like this. I wanted it I asked for it and it was granted to me.

Honestly some people would say I am a statistic and that the numbers just don’t add up for me to be doing this. Just because of my age ( I made it) and my race (which is wrong). I also was told I shouldn’t do it unless I had 20k in the bank. I guess we can check that off the qualification box. Seriously that is what I did. I made a list of things I wanted and once I achieved them. I checked them off the list. I just checked off the last box today.

I just hope I am as worthy as the other person believes that I am. Keeping my fingers crossed.

*(I wrote this to myself in my hotel room in Las Vegas the day I got married. Just found it in my tuxedo pocket. 02/29/16)*


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